Omron HeartGuide

Premiere, portable blood pressure monitor

Designed to fit your lifestyle, HeartGuide is the premiere, clinically validated, portable blood pressure monitor. Now, track your heart, activity, and sleep data.

Be informed. Be proactive. Be healthier.

HeartGuide from OMRON – the number 1 brand recommended by cardiologists.*

*for home blood pressure monitors in Europe (EU9), Kantar Health, survey with cardiologists (2019)

Understand how your lifestyle impacts your heart.

HeartGuide в момента се предлага само в размер M (160 – 190 мм.)

  • 2 year warranty.

Product Code: HEM-6411TMAE

Engineered to keep you informed, HeartGuide is a wearable blood pressure monitor in the innovative form of a smartwatch. In tandem with its companion app HeartAdvisor, HeartGuide delivers powerful new technology making tracking and managing your blood pressure easier than ever before.

Get 3-in-1 with HeartGuide

Monitor your sleep patterns

Measure your blood pressure easily and safely

Track your activity

What can HeartGuide do?

Designed with your heart in mind, HeartGuide is a clinically validated blood pressure monitor. Measure the direct effects your daily lifestyle has on your health.

Monitor your blood pressure

  • Take clinically accurate blood pressure readings with OMRON breakthrough technology.

Track fitness

  • Set goals and monitor your daily physical activity to achieve a more active lifestyle.

Monitor sleep patterns

  • Wear HeartGuide to bed to track your sleep patterns.

Receive notifications

  • Use HeartGuide to set personal daily reminders and get notifications when you receive calls, texts or emails on your smartphone.

Breakthrough innovation on your wrist

The design of HeartGuide involved more than 80 new patents that miniaturize the components for traditional oscillometric measurement, using an inflatable cuff within the watch band to take a blood pressure reading. As a leader in medical device technology, HeartGuide combines innovation with practicality to help you take charge of your heart.